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Participant Made Dog Biscuits for Sale
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Dog biscuits for deserving dogs......

BARK @ GWArc is a participant-driven micro-business guaranteed to provide treats your dog (or a doggie you know) will LOVE.
The beautiful packages are available for:
$1.00 - Sample Bag (3 large treats)
$5.00 - Gift Bag (approximately 1/2 lb.)
$10.00 - Large Canister (approximately 1 lb.
Click here for more information and to place phone orders at GWArc.

GWArc CEO Roz Rubin with BARK @ GWArc dog treats.

GWArc CBDS Program participants Joe O'Connell (left) and Marci Simons (right) work on producing BARK @ GWArc dog treats.

For more information and to order dog biscuits, please contact GWArc at 781-899-1344, 781-899-8555 TDD or

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