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Welcome to Gabriel Vonleh, MHA, New Opportunities for Inclusion Chief Executive Officer
March 12, 2019
Welcome and thank you for visiting Opportunities for Inclusion's website!
I join Opportunities for Inclusion as CEO with 25 years of experience within government and community health centers.

Gabriel Vohleh, MHA, New Chief Executive Officer

Our organization's purpose is to serve the intellectually and developmentally disabled; to ensure that these amazing individuals are fully integrated in their communities and have a balanced lifestyle. We consider ourselves privileged to serve this population that has so much potential to teach us all respect, patience and dignity for humanity. Our 62+ year history is one that is deeply rooted in compassion and dedication to others. We believe that the total involvement of our families, participants and community as a whole will guarantee an overall success.

The values we share are embodied in how we treat each other and serve our participants on a daily basis. All employees must exhibit ethical and honest behavior, and the core values of our P.A.C.T.:

  • -Politeness- We will show kindness and consideration for each other and our participants
  • -Accountability- We will take responsibility for the success of our programs and our participants
  • -Compassion- We will engage our participants in a caring and attentive fashion
  • -Thoughtfulness- Our staff are empowered to do the right thing for our participants in anticipation of their needs
We believe that an environment that exhibits core values of the PACT is one in which respect for human dignity and rights are respected. These values are not mere words, but an embodiment of who we are as an organization. All of our decision making and actions will be based upon these core values. We seek to create an environment that is filled with joy and respect for our participants and staff members.

I am grateful for the resourcefulness and dedication of our staff and the exceptional value they bring to the organization. We also value the inputs of our participants, family members, community and our business partners. These relationships have strengthened and position us for future success. As we prepare to further expand our programs, we look forward to establishing new partnerships within Waltham and surrounding communities.

On behalf of the staff and participants of Opportunities for Inclusion, we thank you for your support of our organization.

With humility and respect,

Gabriel M. Vonleh, MHA
Chief Executive Officer

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