Opportunities for Inclusion
Providing services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1956

The P.A.C.T.


Opportunities for Inclusion's P.A.C.T., a renewal of our commitment to the community.

Celebrating our 65th year in service to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities means to come together and renew our commitment to our agency mission.

"How do you do that?"

"By remembering our values which define our MISSION and VISION. Values help us to find common ground, despite adversities, changes and diversities," confirms Opportunities for Inclusions CEO, Gabriel Vonleh, who personally hung the P.A.C.T. banner at the entrance of our facility location at 56 Chestnut Street, Waltham.

What is the P.A.C.T. all about?

The P.A.C.T. is an acronym for Opportunity for Inclusion's values. Here is what we all signed up to, when, as employees, we joined the agency.

The P.A.C.T.


  • We will consistently show kindness and respect to each other and to the people we serve.
  • We will acknowledge each other with a simple "Good Morning" or "Hello".
  • We will speak kindly about each other.
  • We respect cultural diversity and consider it to be a strength in building a strong organization.
  • Treat people the way they want to be treated and not necessarily the way you would like to be treated.


  • We will take responsibility for ensuring excellence in every aspect of the service we provide.
  • We will take responsibility for our mistakes and use them to improve our processes.
  • We will complete all our assignments with care and thoroughness.
  • We will consistently complete every task with pride, respect and dignity for the people we serve.
  • Our success is based on collectivism. If one department is struggling, we are all impacted.
  • We are all accountable for the safety of our participants and colleagues.


  • We will treat each other with dignity and respect, always thinking about the needs of others above our own.
  • We will consistently show a willingness to support each other to complete a task.
  • We will keep our facilities clean and welcoming.
  • We care about the equitable treatment of our staff, participants and the families we serve.
  • We will always be ready to provide a helping hand to each other.


  • We will anticipate the needs of each other and our participants before they ask and fulfill them accordingly.
  • We will celebrate our successes as a way of showing our appreciation.
  • We will care for the welfare of each other and our participants.
  • We will surprise each other with kind gestures.
  • Think before you speak. Your words impact others. Is it true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, kind?

Remembering what we are all here for, after 65 years of history, matters. Just like bricks on a wall, we need to remember, values are made to keep our service, our community, strongly together and it is worth to keep wowing for them.

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